“A dark, chilling, yet memorable portrait of sheer personal strength, resilience, and perseverance in the face of adversity”

Kirkus Reviews

“Undeterred is a vivid and important memoir about real evil hiding in plain sight.”

Gary Henry Clarian Forward Reviews

“This autobiography couldn't be more timely in our current state of affairs. An excellent piece of writing.”

San Francisco Book Reviews

“Praise to the author for writing with such emotion and candidness.”

Seattle Book Review

“A riveting book from beginning to end.”

Manhattan Book Review

“Her faith and courage to not only tell her story, but to let others know that they are not alone in their battle with this demon.”

Seattle Book Review

“In a riveting and extremely compelling memoir by author Tracey Brame, Undeterred: KKK Target, KKK Witness, readers will find a story that will grip them completely from the very first pages”

Manhattan Book Review

“Brame's writing begins an important conversation, one which we need to be having.”

US Reviews

“An incredibly eye opening book, that resounds with the present day controversies and how we, as a country, are handling them. A recommended read for all.”

Lisa Gorzynski Professional Reviewer

“I found myself obsessively turning the pages, shocked and outraged by the treatment that Ms. Brame endured, and I was determined to find out if she triumphed in the end.”

Chris Fischer, Professional Reviewer

“Everyone should read this book. You will learn a lot about predators.”

Ray Simmons : Readers' Favorite

“Brame's book is hard to put down.”


“It is quite a harrowing story and that you survived is even more impressive. I was elated to find introspection, strength, growth, healing, self acceptance and commitment to the future in your words....The events are as I remember. You made this easy for the reader.”

“Jewel”, Veteran's Administration

“Despite the heavy and tragic events recounted in this book, it still strikes a certain inspirational note in the fact that it was lived through, let alone written. Both the journey of trying to overcome PTSD and yet still risking even more by exposing the modern-day methods of victimization by the KKK are nothing less than remarkable.”

Amanda McBroom, Professional Reviewer

“Undeterred: KKK Target, KKK Witness is a courageous look at one of the realities that many American people are afraid to talk about, a compelling memoir from a courageous woman, and a book that will become an eye-opener to many people who still can’t admit the shady workings of the KKK. The writing is neat and accessible, and the story comes across with honestly and a frankness that can’t go unnoticed.”

Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite

“Author Tracey Brame writes in such a way that keeps you reading without wanting to set the book down, you never know what would happen next as encounters with Jayns can be unpredictable. This book is starting off as one of the best reading experiences I’ve had to begin 2017…”

Rae Capri, Professional Reviewer

“Any one of the experiences which Tracey went through could be enough to break a person, and yet she persevered. Tracey does a wonderful job of bringing attention to the KKK and the influence that they have had in the past and continue to have in the present."

Melanie Patterson, Professional Reviewer

“How she has learned to live with the memories now is amazing and it is obvious she is a strong woman. Her life would have most likely crippled someone with less strength.”

Jennifer Traficante, Professional Reviewer

“An undeniably shocking book... Undeterred KKK Target, KKK Witness is an unforgettable story that sheds light on the evils of the Klu Klux Klan.”

Ahlam Abdullatif, Professional Reviewer

“The KKK is a part of society that we don’t like to think about. People, like Brame, have lived through the horror of this group, but it takes a tragedy for it to be acknowledged. Brame speaking is exactly what we need to force us to think about it instead of ignoring it.”

Sean F, Professional Reviewer

“Wow! You took me through every emotion.”

Fred Black LTC (R) US Army.

“It isn't often that a book I review touches me the way yours did. Thank you for writing this. I hope your words are heard.”

YG, Professional Reviewer

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